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Scouting In Tynemouth 1908 - 1976

Page 1 - 1908 to 1946

July 16th — Association Sports.
Aug — 6th World Jamboree in France — S.M. Charlie Harris and 10 Tynemouth Scouts attended.
Aug 30th — Tynemouth L.A. were hosts for the County Sports — held in Smith’s Dock Sports Field.
Nov 24-29th — The First Tynemouth Gang Show — this was made possible by a bank guarantee by the President (Dr. Wilfred Hall) and 10 guarantors for a total of £160.0.0.
Dec 9th — L.A. Development Committee formed.

Feb — New Troop — 13th Tynemouth (Hawkey’s Lane Methodist).
June 4th — Opening of H.Q. of 19th Tynemouth (9th Tyne) by The Chief Scout (Lord Rowallan). The Sea Scout Leader was Charlie Harris, whose service to Scouting has continued for 37 years—a great pillar of Tynemouth Scouting.
Nov 26th — L.A. Scout Exhibition in the Parish Hall.

Apr 1st — The first “Bob a Job” Week.
June 29th — The proposed L.A. Head Quarters was turned down by Ex. Ord. General Meeting — this was after very many meetings and discussions.
July? — Cairngorms’ Climbing Expedition by 13 Senior Scouts and 3 Scouters.
A.G.M. — All Troops now numbered consecutively 1-21.
Nov 21-26 — Second Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.

Jan 25th — 1st publication of 6th Column Magazine.
March — County Commissioner’s Retirement Album — Tynemouth’s Page designed and executed by Lawrence Herrick (of Gang Show’s Scenery Fame).
June 28-30 — Scoutcraft Exhibition to promote Scouting — in Tasker Hall, No. Shields.

June — 1st Separate Cubs’ Sports.
July 28-Aug 2 — Tynemouth L.A. hosts to German Scouts (7 Seniors, 2 Scouters).
Aug — 7th World Jamboree in Badischl, Austria — 7 Tynemouth Scouts attended.
Oct 20th — Trafalgar Day Bonfire made by L.A. to inauguarate Local National Savings.
Nov 19—24 — 3rd Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.

Feb — Scouts’ Mourning for the late King George VI (our Patron) was a Black Arm Band.
Apr 21—26 - Scout Week - Exhibition, Wide Games, Football Matches, Scouters’ Dance.
Apr 26 — Tynemouth District B.P. Guild of Old Scouts presented a Cub Totem Pole for Annual Cub Sports — presentation made by District Chairman: W. Harold Smurthwaite.
June 18 — L.A. Scout Sports.
The Camping Season was spoilt by Foot and Mouth Disease Restrictions.

Jan 20—22 — Robinson Crusoe Pantomime by 1st Tynemouth (Christ Church).
June 2nd — Coronation Beacon at Collingwood Field—this was part of a chain of Beacons built by Scouts in all parts of the Country.
June 21st — An outstanding record (possibly a World Record) — 7 Queen’s Scouts from 1st Tynemouth (Christ Church) went together to the London Parade to be presented with their awards. Nov 16-21 — 4th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show — over 9000 attended see under separate heading.

Sept 7th — D.C. (Wilfred Stobbs) paid tribute toA.S.M. DennisBrand (l9thTynemouth— 9th Tyne Sea Scouts) who lost his life whilst at Troop Camp at Wark due to river flooding. Dec — Retirement of the County Commissioner Sir Ralph Mortimer O.B.E. after 32 years as C.C. (he had been in the Movement since the beginning and his influence had been outstanding). —He unfortunately died a few months later.

June 11-12 — Association Camp at Gosforth Park.
July — 8th World Jamboree (in Canada) — 1000 Scouts from U.K. (including 3 from Tynemouth).
Admiralty Recognition Report on 19th Tynemouth (9th Tyne). The Best decorated and cleanest of an Admiralty Recognised Units.
Nov — Death (in Australia) of RJ. Addiscott.

June 16-24 — Cub Week in celebration of the 40th Anniv. of Wolf Cubs. Dec — New Troop — 9th Tynemouth (All Saints).

Feb 22nd — Scout and Guide Thanksgiving Service for Life of Robert Baden-Powell on the occasion of the Centenary of his birth 1857 (Feb 22nd) — 1957 in the Parish Church.  
May 8th — County Commissioner (Group Capt. Angus) accepted Tynemouth Scouts’ cheque for £4o.o.o, to help bring Austrian Scouts to Sutton Coldfield Jamboree.  
May 20-26 — Scout Week — Campcraft, Swimming Gala, and Sports. Week-end Camp at Gosforth Park (183 present).  
June 9th — County Pilgrimage to B.P.’s First Offical Camp Site at Humshaugh — now called “Look Wide”—2,000 present.  
June 15th — “Tynemouth Scouts’ Anti-Litter Campaign” — Civic send off — chain of placards “Keep Tynemouth Tidy” and lorry Tableaux of 1 sow and several small pigs, entitled “We look after our litter — Do you?”  
Aug — “Centenary Jubilee” World jamboree, Indaba and Moot at Sutton Coldfield—(see Jamborees).  
At the American Jamboree, Pennsylvania, was John Freeman (1st Tynemouth—Christ Church). He was chosen as one of the seven to represent Great Britain.

Mch — It was reported that there were now 16 Cub Packs.
Aug 17th — Rally of 150 Old Scouts (B.P. Guild) from Northumberland and Durham to the Humshaugh Cairn (50 years of Scouting in the North-East).
Aug 29th — Tragic Death of our D.C. (Wilfred Stobbs) — he was killed in a car accident— A great blow to Tynemouth Scouting.
Oct — Tynemouth Scouts distributed 25,000 envelopes to aid the “Mayor’s Appeal Fund”.
It was reported that 16 Troops had been in Camp this year.

Golden Jubilee Ball at Bath Assembly Rooms.
April — “Bob-a-Job Week”—Scouts raised £37. 17.0 for Mayor of Tynemouth’s Appeal for Handicapped Centre.
May — In Memory of Wilfred J. Stobbs, a Pulpit and Communion Rail was presented by Tynemouth Scouts to the Chirton Methodist Chapel.
June 9th — 50th Anniversary of Tynemouth Scouts Local Association — A Thanksgiving Service was held in Christ Church.
Sept — The family of Wilfred J. Stobbs presented to the L.A., in memory of him, a Shield for Competition.
Report — “Despite poor weather 14 out of the 15 Groups had been in camp.”
Nov 16-2 1 — 5th Tynemouth Scouts Gang Show (Jubilee Year)

A.G.M. — “From Bob a job Week, Scouts donated £38.14.0 to the World Refugee Year Appeal.”
July — New Troop — 15th Tynemouth (Percy St. Johns).

A.G.M. — “The Legacy (£10O.0.0) from Mrs. Ann Allan had been used to purchase 4 sets of light-weight camping equipment for Senior Scouts.
July 1 5—16— Northumberland and Durham Scout Rally at Gosforth Park to meet the Chief Scout (Sir Charles Maclean)

May 11-12 — L.A. Week-end Camp at Gosforth Park.
June 15-17 — L.A. Cub Camp at Wall-on-Tyne.
Nov 19-24 — 6th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.
During the year the New Headquarters of 11th Tynemouth (St. Peters) was opened.

May 24-26 — L.A. Week-end Camp at Dilston.
Dec 12—14 — 6th Tynemouth (Holy Saviour) Group presented “The Gang in Blue”. During the year it was reported that there were 203 Groups in Northumberland.

May — New Troop — 14th Tynemouth (St. Anslems).
June 6th — County Cubaree at Gosforth Park — 1800 present.

May 28-30 — L.A. Cub Camp at Wall — a great success.
Aug 15th — The Chief Scout (Sir Charles Maclean) opened the new “Training Headquarters” at Gosforth Park, and visited the County Cubaree — 1000 present.
Sept — Trophies given by William Stockdale (President) and Arthur E. Johnson (Chairman) for Swimming and Sports respectively.
Oct 1st — Senior Scouts trip to Blyth Power Station.
Nov 22-27 — 7th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.

June — Publication of Chief Scout’s Advance Party Report.
June 9—12 — Tynemouth’s 50th Anniversary Cub Camp at Wall.
Cub Exhibition in Stephenson St. Congregational Church Hall — 300 visitors.
Cubs planting bulbs at Old Peoples Homes and pots of bulbs for Xmas for the old people.
Dec 5-10 — “The Gang in Blue” (6th Tynemouth—Holy Saviour) — 60 performers.
Dec — Death of Mrs. Norah Roberts (Nee Dunphy) A.D.C. (Cubs) — A great stalwart of Tynemouth Scouting.
Resignation of George Pilgrim (D.C.) after 35 years of Great Scout Leadership. 

April— Appointment of the new District Commissioner—Colin McKay — his inspired service as D. C. was to last until 1976 — see reference in “Contact” section.
July 8 — Tragedy struck a District Venture Scout Camp in the Cairngorms, when S.L. (Seniors) Alan Smythe of 6th Tynemouth (Holy Saviour) was killed whilst attempting to abseil down a crag face—he was an excellent climber, a great Leader and with tremendous potential—a great loss.
Oct — Rover Section of Scouting ceased to exist.
Oct 15th — District Cheviot Hike (10 miles) — 96 Scouts and Leaders took part.
Oct 19th — 16 Selected Tynemouth Scouts helped to line the route, on the occasion of the opening of the Tyne Tunnel by Her Majesty the Queen.

Feb 20th — District Dinner at Park Hotel — Guest Speaker—Ralph Reader.
Feb 22nd — “Friends of Tynemouth Scouting” Scheme launched — Mr. Norman Stockdale as Hon. Director assisted by a Committee.
Mch 30th — District Hike — Plankey Mill and Staward Pele — 107 Scouts and Scouters.
April 6th — District Night Hike in Rothbury Area.
June — “The Norah Roberts’ Memorial Bookcase” installed in District Headquarters.
June 22-23 — District Annual Camp at Gosforth Park — 160 present.
Nov 18-2 3 — Scout Exhibition in the Odeon Theatre Circle Lounge — this was the week prior to the Gang Show.
Nov 25-30 — 8th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show in Odeon Theatre.

April 23rd — St. George’s Day Parade—500 Cubs and Scouts.
April 25th — 8 Tynemouth Queen’s Scouts attended Windsor Parade.
June — Appointment of Bill Grey as District Hon. Secretary— he had been helping the District since 1947 in many varied lay capacities — always willing to help and give of his best — a great Stalwart.
June 9th — District Scout Hike along Roman Wall.
June 14-15 — District Camp.
Sept — District Cub Hike.
District Scout Hike — Alwinton.
Nov — District Scout Hike in aid of Percy Hedley School for Spastics.
During the year 3rd Tynemouth (Ritsons Own) opened their New Headquarters. 

Mch — “Bob a Job” Scheme renamed “Scout Job Week”.
April — St. George’s Flag presented to the District.
June 12th — District Cub Camp at Wall — 75 present.
June 24th — A.G.M. — it was reported that 13 District Hikes (which started in 1967) had been held and 1000 boys had participated, 350 boys had been to 12 Troops’ Annual Camps, 286 boys had taken part in competitive football and there had been 28 different Activities at District Level (a record).
July 4th — County Cubaree at Gosforth Park — 1660 present (including many from Tynemouth).
Nov 23-28 — 9th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.
13 Groups in Camp during the Summer.

Jan - The Movement’s National Magazine “The Scouter” becomes “Scouting”.
Feb - The County Ice Axe Competition won by 6th Tynemouth Ventures for the fourth year in succession.
June 11-13 - District Cub Camp at Wall — 88 Cub Scouts and 40 Leaders.
Nov - Swimming Bath Sessions commenced at the Indoor Swimming Baths, North Shields—on the first evening there were 300 Scouts and Boys’ Brigade members falling to about 200 later. Cost 5p per swimmer—for details see “Swimming Bath Sessions”. Xmas — 19th Tynemouth (9th Tyne) Group gave out nearly 100 parcels for old people — Cheers!
10 Troops and 4 Packs in camp this year.
Historical knowledge can be of great value and may be informative, nostalgic and interesting, but the future (with its ever changing demands) will continue to need enthusiastic and informed leadership with openness of mind and great dedication.

May — District Cub Hike — 270 Cub Scouts, Leaders and Helpers.
District Scout Night Hike — Rothbury.
July 5th — National B.P. Guild “Get Together” at the Grand Hotel.
Nov — Fuel shortage — Tynemouth Scouts helping with firewood for the needy.
Nov 27-Dec 2— 10th Tynemouth Scouts’ Gang Show.
Xmas — 11th Tynemouth (St. Peter’s and St. Aidan’s) put up Xmas decorations at Moor Park Hospital.

Feb — District Night Hike attended by 60 Scouts, Leaders and Helpers.
Mountain Rescue and Survival Course attended by 14 Venture Scouts.
Feb 22nd — Annual Dinner—Principal Guest, Honorary District Member Ron Jeffries (Editor of ‘Scouting’) received an Illuminated Address (beautifully executed by former S.M. Laurie Hettick)—160 present.
April — District Cub Hike — 300 Cub Scouts and Leaders.
May — 19 Ventures qualified for the St. John’s Ambulance Certificate.
19th Tynemouth (9th Tyne) stood duty on the training ship “Winston Churchill on the occasion of her visit to the River Tyne and acting as Hosts to the Visitors.
June 26h — Wallsend Scout District (3 Troops and 4 Packs) amalgamated with Tynemouth Scout District, at the instigation of The County Commissioner. They were warmly welcomed.
A.G.M. — A record attendance of 140.

Mch 24th — “County Borough of Tynemouth Terminal Celebrations” — Scouts, Cub Scouts and Leaders took part in the March Past.
April 27th — Opening of New H. Q.’s of 15th Tynemouth (Percy St.Johns).
May 25-27 — The Chief Scout (Sir William Gladstone) visited the County Camp. — for details see “Special Occasions”.
June 7-9 — District Cub Camp at Wall — 90 Cub Scouts, 31 Leaders — 25/30 Tents. June 8th — “Operation Blister” (Lyke Wake Walk—40 miles).
June 30th — “District Seminar” — instructional get-together..
Oct 4-6 — District Scout Camp at Gosforth Park.
Nov 30th — Opening of New H.Q.’s of 12th Tynemouth (Baptist).

Mch — “District Flag” presented to District by 3rd Tynemouth (Ritson’s Own) B.P. Guild Branch.
Mch 24th — 2nd District Seminar—Instructional Get-Together.
April 10th — District “Fundaree” in aid of Powburn Adventure Centre — raised~150 in 3 hours — A splendid night.
May — The Scout Movement presented cheque for £91,363 to the R.N.L.I. for a new Life Boat to be named “The Scout”.
May 5 th — New District Sleeve Badge” introduced.
June 6-8 — District Cub Scout Camp at Wall.
June 20-22 — District Scout Camp at Dilston.
Nov 8th — 6th Tynemouth (Holy Saviour) New Extensions to H.Q. opened by Sir Ralph Carr-Ellison.
All Troops had been to camps in 1975.

Mch 26-28 — Ron Jeffries (Editor of “Scouting”) accompanied by Geoff Platt (his Assistant) visited the District.
Mch 28th — Tynemouth Scouts’ Adventure Centre opened at Powburn, Northumberland. 300 attended.
May — New Troop — 16th Tynemouth (St. Augustin)
District Cub Camp — 109 Cub Scouts 31 Scouters.
District Scout Camp — 95 Scouts and Scouters.
District Cub Hike — 250 Cub Scouts 70 adults.
July New District Head Quarters at Adult Education Centre (formerly Norham High School)—a pre-fabricated outdoor classroom—the full-time use of these H. Q. ‘s proving of great value. Report—11 Groups out of 16 have been to Camp this year.

Page 1 - 1908 to 1946