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Consent Forms

Publicity Consent forms need to be completed by every member in the District and should be updated on a regular basis. Forms are normally completed for large events as part of the sign up process, regardless of whether one has been completed recently.

A copy of the current consent form can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

More information about the form and answers to questions about it can be found on the photo consent FAQ's page or you can contact the District Press and PR Officer, Michael Dale, by clicking here.

Why do I have to fill a consent form in?

There are families within the District who for one reason or another do not want to be used for Scout publicity. By filling in a consent form you have the option to telling us that you are happy to be used for publicity or that you do not want to be used.

Only people that have completed a form and given there consent will be used in official press releases or shown on the District website.

What am I giving consent to?

People who say yes on the form are saying their son, daughter, or themselves can be used in Scout publicity material. This usually means that their photo can be used on the District or National website, or it could be used to illustrate a story sent in to the newspapers. It also includes anything else the Press officer needs photos for.

Names are often asked for by the press. By putting yes on the consent form you are saying that as well as using the photo we can also send names with them, although wherever possible they will not be written in the same order as people appear in the photo.

If someone could be singled out for individual publicity, such as award winners, they would not be named or photographed on their own without specific permission being sought.

What happens if I say no?

If someone does not want to be used it is not a problem. There are plenty of other people in the District who would love to be in the newspapers or on the website so it would be easy enough to find someone else to take a picture of.

Ideally the people who say no should include a photo of the person, or allow the Press Officer to take their photo so it can be put in the file with the form. This is because we have hundreds of people in the District and they aren’t all known to everyone.

By holding a photo of the person we can check they are not in any group shots and used by accident. The only other alternative is to find people who can not be photographed and give them badges to wear at District events. This obviously is not the best solution as the person is being identified to everyone and could lead to awkward questions from friends.

Please be aware that newspapers sometimes send their own photographers to events. If they have been invited by us or they are seen by the District press officer then every effort will be made to stop people who have not given consent from being photographed, however if we are in a public place (for example marching into church for St.Georges day parade) we can not force them to stop, however it would be very unusual if they refused to do so.

What happens to the consent form once it is filled in?

The completed consent forms should be passed by Leaders in the District’s various Groups, to the District Press and PR Officer. The forms are then held on file so the press officer can see who can be photographed and who can’t.

Can I withdraw consent?

Publicity consent can be withdraw or altered at any time. If your family circumstances change and you want to withdraw consent, let a Leader in your Group know or tell the Press Officer direct (e-mail address is on the contacts page).

The consent forms should be updated periodically so we can make sure you have not changed your mind. This should be done when people move between sections (ie move from Beavers to Cubs) although ideally they will be done more often than that.

If you or your child takes part in a major event such as a Gang Show or a District camp, you may receive a new form to complete. This is simply a way for us to update the records, particularly as major events are used to help build up the District’s photo library.

What details are needed on the form?

Most of the form is fairly straight forward to complete, however the main problems I get are:

1. The wrong details are put on the ‘parents / guardian of’ line
This should be used to put the name of the person the form relates to.

2. Scout Group
People are either leaving it blank, put a location such as High Street, put a section such as Tynemouth Cubs or just put Tynemouth. It needs to have your Group name so I can file it under the relevant Group. If you aren’t sure which Group number you are part of, ask a Leader or look at the name tape on the uniform.

3. Date
This is either left blank or a date of birth is put in. I need the date the form is completed so I know how up to date the consent form is. It should ideally be renewed on a yearly basis, at the least it should be done as people change sections.

4. Address / Telephone / E-mail
This is for the home address and phone number of the person the form relates to. Common mistakes are leaving them blank or putting the Scout Groups address. If they are blank I can’t contact the person in a hurry should I need specific permission for a person to be named.

5. Delete as appropriate fields
These help identify the person and are often not deleted. The main ones are the do / do not give consent, which is obviously very important, and the section the person belongs to.

Does this mean I can’t take a camera to camp?

Anyone can take their camera to a camp or any other event. The consent forms could not, and we would not want it to stop anyone being photographed at a District event by friends or their Group Leaders.

What it does mean is that only people who have given their permission will be used in official press releases or publicity material sent out by Tynemouth Scouts.

As the District Press Officer should be the only person dealing with the press, there should not be any problems. If the press are invited to an event by the District, they would normally be guided to something pre-arranged so only consenting people are photographed.

Unfortunately, there are certain events where the press are invited by other organisations, such as the St. Georges day parade. If this happens we can not stop them taking pictures when we are in a public place.

We would not want to stop anyone taking pictures of themselves and their friends at an event.

Where can I get a copy of the consent form?

The most up to date version of the consent form can be downloaded from the downloads page page on this website.

Where can I get more information about it?

The District Press and PR Officer, Michael Dale, can be e-mailed directly and is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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