Scouting Myths

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Below are some common myths that people apply to Scouting and a brief explanation of why they are myths.

We are called Boy Scouts -  FALSE

The term boy scouts has not been used since 1967 when the Boy Scouts Association was officially renamed as the Scout Association.

Scouts is now a general name used to refer to everyone who is part of the UK Scout Association although there are seven sections in total, each of which has it’s own title.


DYB and DOB, or Do Your Best and Do Our Best in their lengthened form was part of the Wolf Cubs ‘Grand Howl’. It’s use ended in 1966 after the Chief Scouts Advance Party Report. Though it was decided the Grand Howl should stay as an integral part of the Cub meeting, the mysterious DYB’s and DOB’s were dropped.

Scouting is just for Boys   -  FALSE

Girls have been able to join the Venture Scouts since 1976.

The other Scout youth sections were opened to girls in June 1991.

Young women now make up about 10% of the UK Scout Association’s membership and account for 50% of the adult Leaders.

Scouts is run by Scoutmasters   -   FALSE

The term Scout Masters hasn’t been used since the late 60’s. The people running the weekly meetings in all of the youth sections are now called Leaders prefixed by the section they work in, ie Beaver Scout Leader, Scout Leader and so on.

Scouts wear big hats and baggy shorts   -   FALSE

The “lemon squeezer” hats worn by Baden Powell were able to be worn up 1967 when it was swapped for a dark green beret, although the beret was allowed to be worn as an alternative from 1954. Head dress was removed from the uniform completely (in all of the sections) in June 1989.

Long trousers became an acceptable option for Senior and Rover Scout uniforms in November 1961.

The uniforms have been reviewed a number of times in the Association’s history, the most recent review took place in February 2001, these are the uniforms worn today and appear at the foot of this page.

Leaders Are Paid   -   FALSE

Section Leaders are all volunteers. There are paid roles in Scouting, mostly at the National Headquarters and some at County offices but the weekly meetings and annual camps are planned and run by unpaid volunteers.


These are the uniforms as currently worn by the Scout Association.

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