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Media Enquiries

If you work for the media and require any information regarding Scouting in Tynemouth District, please browse through the publicity area using the buttons above or below or contact Michael Dale our Press and PR Officer by clicking here.

Please note: This is a voluntary position and most e-mails will only be dealt with in the evening, however they will be looked at as soon as they are received.

What's On The Press and Media Pages?

Press Releases

This page will show all of the recent official press releases from Tynemouth Scouts.

Press Releases are made up of 1 or more documents and a number of photographs, where applicable. If more than one document has been released they will be listed in the order they were sent out.

All Press Releases are in .pdf format and will require Acrobat Reader.


Ever wondered how many people are involved in Scouting, or how many Groups are in Tynemouth District? Confused about what uniform is worn in each section, or what you call the adults in charge of them? If so then this is the page for you.

Scout Myths

Boy Scouts wear shorts and big hats don't they? Find out the truth behind this and other commonly held beliefs that are wrong or no longer apply to us on the Scout myths page.

Scout Facts

This truth is often stranger that fiction and this page tells you just that. See some of the facts about the Scout Association, such as the wage bill for the adult leaders - if they were paid!

Photo Consent FAQ's

The photo consent FAQ's page is mainly aimed at parents of members and has the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our photo consent form as well as a link to download the most current copy of the form itself.


Press ReleasesHierarchyScout MythsScout FactsPhoto Consent FAQ's