In 1914 'Junior Scouts' were announced and in 1916, they became 'Wolf Cubs'. In 1966, as part of a modernisation plan, a number of sweeping changes were introduced in preparation for the years ahead and the Section became known as Cub Scouts. 

New proficiency and training schemes were introduced and the Cub Scout Law and Promise revised. Following an update in the early nineties, the Cub Scout Section has changed again within the introduction of the new 6-25 programme. Girls have been joining in the fun and challenge of Cub Scouting since 1991. Cubs wear a green sweatshirt and a 'group' scarf (shown below).

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With a fresh new image, cartoon mascots and an exciting and balanced programme of activities, the Cub Scout Section is as strong as ever. There are currently some 142,589 Cub Scouts in the United Kingdom.  

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Tynemouth Cub Scouts Celebrate Their Centenary

The Cub Scouts in Tynemouth District Scout Association celebrated their centenary in style when they held a promise party in the grounds of Tynemouth Priory and Castle on Friday 16th of December.

The official birthday of the Cub Scouts is the 16th of December as this was the day in 1916 when the Wolf Cubs were launched. To mark the occasion, Cub Scouts all over the world were invited to remake their Promise at 19:16 (7:16pm) on 16th of December.

Philip Rose, District Cub Scout Leader was one of the event organisers said “In 2007 the Scout Association celebrated it’s centenary and in Tynemouth District we were lucky enough to hold our celebrations in one of Tynemouth’s most iconic locations by remaking our Scout promise in the grounds of Tynemouth Priory”. He went on “Thanks to the fantastic support of English Heritage and the staff at Tynemouth Priory we were able to do that again for the centenary of the Cub Scouts when over 100 of our Cubs and their Leaders from around our district renewed their promise at 1916hrs in the grounds of the Priory”.

Mrs Stephanie Doughty, District Commissioner for Tynemouth Scouts said “Scouting in Tynemouth started in 1908 and although we have now grown to cover North Shields, Wallsend and Battle Hill as well as Tynemouth itself we are extremely proud of our roots. We are still called Tynemouth District and our District neckerchief features three crowns to represent the three kings buried in Tynemouth Priory. During World War One our Scouts carried out coast watching duties in Tynemouth Castle so for our Cubs Scouts to be able to take part in a national event in such a special location that is intertwined with our own history is a huge privilege”.

After the promise ceremony the Cub Scouts and their Leaders moved to the nearby 6th Tynemouth Scout Group’s headquarters and the adjoining Holy Saviours church hall for a special party. Before the party started though two of the most recently qualified Cub Leaders, John Sproats and Kieran Lydall were presented with their wood badges. The wood badge is presented to a leader on the completion of their training and is a leather cord worn around the neck with two wooden beads on the end. In a special surprise for Kieran he had his presented by his grandmother and former Cub Scout Leader, Mildred Robson, who gave him her original wood badge which she had been awarded 1947.

After the presentation the Cub Scouts enjoyed some party games and a special party tea, all of which was over seen by a number of the Cub Scout leaders, including Katie Skinner who had just got out of hospital earlier that day following an operation. Katie was exhausted but said she was determined to renew her promise on this historic day with her Cub Scout Pack.

The promis was made in the grounds of the Priory The promise was made in the grounds of the priory

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