Scouting is for boys and girls aged between 10½ and 14½ years who want to make friends and develop their widening interests in way that are both educational and fun. It is ideal for young people who want a break from the usual after school routine of homework, games and watching television.  

Activities are typically about action and involvement and mean more than just camping. Hiking, rock climbing, gliding, sailing, pioneering, canoeing, parascending, abseiling, first aid, motor mechanics, electronics, amateur radio and photography are just some of the things they do.

Their uniform, consisting of activity trousers, and a choice of teal green polo or long sleeved shirt (shown below), reflects their adventurous lifestyle.

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Each Scout Troop consists of small groups (usually called Patrols) of six to eight young people, one of whom is the Patrol Leader. 

PL’s share responsibility with the adult Leader for maintaining standards and training within the Troop. All Scouts are encouraged to take part in the decision making process and regular Forums provide the opportunity for them to contribute towards the planning of the Troop’s activities. Outdoor activities feature prominently in the Scout Troop. 

The highlight for most Members is the annual summer camp or expedition, and much of the rest of the year is devoted to preparation for this. Even in winter there may be Patrol hikes or weekend camps. Map reading, camp cooking, First Aid and other skills can be practised at any time of the year.

Sea Scouts

Sea Scouting is a branch of Scouting, not a separate organisation. It is based on the same fundamental Scouting Aims & Methods. Sea Scouts follow the core balanced programme for their section but then add a nautical twist to the programme and activities. Many Troops and Explorer Units meet more than once a week in the summer period and the additional meetings are used to develop nautical skills and seamanship training. It is not training for the Navy or the Merchant Navy careers, although Sea Scout training can be very useful for young people who are so interested.

Sea Scouts start with the Scout section as part of a Sea Scout Group, or as a Sea Scout Patrol in a "standard" Group. Explorer Sea Scouts can be found in Units directly linked through partnership agreements to Sea Scout Groups, water activity centres or as part of other District based units. Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts in a Sea Scout Group follow the same programme as all other Cubs / Beavers albeit with the likelihood of some water based activities being provided by the Scout section.

Sea Scouts

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District Camp 2013

The 2013 District camp took place at Moorhouse Adventure Center near Durham and while we have had many other camps since then the video below shows the sort of things Scouts in Tynemouth District get up to. There are also photos from the camp on the main 2013 photo page.

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